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Greenacres Farm
Customer Testimonials

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3rd Mar 2011
Paws For Thought

Paws for thought

Mandy and her staff are always friendly and pleased to see Tumble. Tumble is a Springer and quite nervous away from home, but Greenacres make her welcome and make a fuss of her, which makes me feel ok about leaving Tumble. I am happy to leave her with Greenacres because I know she will be well looked after and I would recommend Greenacres Farm Boarding Kennels to anyone. William Norton Somersham

by William Norton, Unknown

22nd Feb 2011
Bilko Lewis

Bilko Lewis

We were sad to leave Bilko whilst we went away as he's our "Baby". The staff were very freindly and the kennals and court yard area very clean. When we left, the boy wasn't bothered.When we collected him, he was very pleased to see us and didn't seem at all bothered that we'd been away. This was his second stay here and proabley wont be his last.

by Lol Lewis, Cambridgeshire

26th Jan 2011
Nice Place.. Great Staff

Nice Place.. Great Staff

We have used this boarding kennel on two occasions now.. my two dogs (Northern Inuits, Freya & Noah) have always come away happy and healthy. The staff are knowledgeable dog owners themselves, so understand any worries or concerns you may have when leaving your beloved dog(s). They take on board all your dogs' individual needs and are happy to accommodate any special requests. We live a good 40 minutes drive from Greenacres.. but are happy to make the journey knowing our dogs are well taken care of. Thanks again guys.

by Jane Odell, Bedfordshire

1st Nov 2010
Maizy's A Happy Girl

Maizy's a happy girl

My experience of boarding kennels varies considerably. But Maizy always hates going and gives me a forlorn look like I'm abandoning her forever. Greenacres were fab - they picked Maizy up from my house. When I went to pick her up 4 days later, you could tell she'd had a happy time. Running about, wagging her tail, she seemed at home, I think this is due to the care and consideration that Greenacres gave. They were really interested in her. Greenacres loves dogs!! I'd recommend them to anyone.

by Leigh Griffiths, Cambridgeshire

2nd Oct 2010
Ambers Life Long Friends At Greenacres

Ambers life long friends at Greenacres

Our dog Amber has been staying at Greenacres since she was 3 months old, she is now coming up for 11. I spoke to Lynn when we first got Amber and she advised that we build up her stays in the kennels little and often so that when we did go away for a holiday she would not be too distressed realising we would come back for her. This proved to be the best advice ever, as she has stayed with her friends at Greenacres many, many times and although it is not her most favourite place in the world she is always well cared for and looked after. Amber now also has diabetis and very poor eyesight and still the kennels are more than happy to accept her and provide for her insulin needs on a daily basis. They go over and above what is required of a kennels and the health and happiness of all the dogs come first everytime. I have also recommended several of my friends to Greenacres kennels for their own pets and have also received favouable reports from them following the boarding. We have returned from holiday early on a couple of occasions (not to catch them out, but for other reasons) and Amber has always been in a clean kennel with food and water and we have also seen both our dog and others recieving treats that owners have left for them. On our last visit (September 2010) Mandy one of the staff members had provided a duvet for one of the dogs from her own home as she thought it would be more comfortable for him - how thoughtful, I was very impressed with this and all the staff at Greenacres - really nothing is too much trouble for them. Thank you Greenacres for all your kindness over the years.

by Caroline Goddard, Cambridgeshire

28th Sep 2010
Super Duper Triffic Smashing And Maxi's Second Home.

Super Duper Triffic Smashing and Maxi's second home.

I have had to leave my Rottweiler Maximus with Greenacres owners and staff many times and sometimes for lengthy periods when I went off to Italy with my husband on business. I know from the welcome of the dog to the owners/staff and the owners/staff welcome to Maximus that he really likes going there and they like having him. He stays in the 'big boys' kennels set away near the fields and although he is always very pleased to see me when I return, I know he really doesn't mind being there. I think he finds it entertaining to be in the outside kennels and able to watch what's going on. Don't have any qualms about leaving your dog with these lovely people.

by Mollie Hallas, Cambridgeshire

26th Aug 2010

We have a lab and a rotti and they both love the kennels, always come home happy and are never any trouble to leave. The staff are great with the boys, we are more then satisfied.

by Margaret Mitcham, Cambridgeshire

31st Aug 2010
My Dog's Best Friend

My dog's best friend

My dog is Bernie - a Bernese mountain dog. She's large - but sensitive! The staff at Greenacres have always been loving, caring and professional in looking after her. They welcome her enthusiastically. They give her time and affection. I feel total trust in them - they make sure she is happy, comfortable, healthy, well fed and well exercised. Bernie is always happy to go to Greenacres; she seems to regard her visits as 'holidays'. She has a spacious personal 'room' and loves the smells of the farm and the country walks. Greenacres is 'My dog's best friend!'

by John Gribble, Cambridgeshire

14th Aug 2010
Newfoundlands Being Well Looked After

newfoundlands being well looked after

the staff were very helpful and friendly they took us around the kennels for a tour. they have a lovely outside kennels which were ideal for our four newfoundland dogs.they were very well looked after and we are happy to leave our newfs there again when we go on holiday. i would recommend these kennels to anybody.

by Robin Smith, Cambridgeshire

11th Jun 2010


Having used this kennels before I had no hesitation, boarding Smudge here as I knew he would be well looked after during his stay.

by Martin Hickford, Cambridgeshire