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The Tiny Paws Pad
62 Malmesbury Park, Sandymoor
Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 1XD

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on 07793 718 020
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Welcome to The Tiny Paws Pad
62 Malmesbury Park, Sandymoor, Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 1XD

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About Us

Boarding Kennels Location

Opening Hours & Visiting

Boarding Kennels Building

Staff & Knowledge

We have full-time staff working in our kennels.

Our staff ratio is:      1 Staff : 0 Rooms

Boarding Kennels Staff/Owners

The Tiny Paws Pad Boarding Kennels in Cheshire

About our staff, knowledge and experience:

Our Rooms

We have Rooms with Attached runs: Covered runs:

They were built in and are licensed for anything up to dogs (maximum).

Boarding Kennels Sleep Accommodation

Boarding Kennels Exercise Run

About our Rooms

Dog Exercise & Play:

Dogs get out of their Rooms for exercise:

About dog exercise with our Home Boarding:

Exercise & Play in Boarding Kennels

Dog Walks/Exercise/Playtime with Staff:

Dogs exercised by staff:

minutes of walks/exercise with staff provided daily

Less than 20 kennels per buildingWe're proud to say we offer walks/ exercise/ playtime WITH staff.
We know how important it is for dogs to have our company one-to-one.
It's much more fun!

About dog walks/playtime with staff

Dog Walks at the Boarding Kennels

Dog Care

Welfare & Settling In

Comfort items from home allowed:

DAP Therapy used: DAP Therapy (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) used in Kennels

Our policy on comfort items:

Dog Welfare in Boarding Kennels


Will you feed the same diet as at home:


Will you feed special/prescription diets:

Will feed natural/organic diets:

Caring for Dogs

Care of Easy-going & Steady Dogs

Care of Active Dogs

Care of Daycare/creche Dogs

Dogs with Special Needs

Separate, quiet section available:

About our care of special needs dogs:

Dog Welfare in Boarding Kennels

Age considerations:


Senior Dogs

Elderly Dogs

We care for dogs with:

Allergies/ Allergenic

  Digestive Problems

Arthritis/ Arthritic



  Heart Disease

Convulsions/ Seizures/ Epilepsy

  Kidney Disease


  Nervous/ Sensitive/ Separation anxiety


  Skin Problems


Services for Dogs: Other Services:
Collect and return service Collect & Return, or Dog Chauffeur Service Pet Supplies
Professional grooming service Grooming Service (professional option, full bath & cut) Cattery (Cat Boarding)
Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy Small Animals Boarding
Webcam service Webcam Service Stables
Webcam service Send updates while you're away  

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Fees are per dog, per day (includes any tax)

Boarding Kennels Fees

25.00 for a Small Dog

for a Medium Dog

for a Large Dog

for a Giant Dog

Further Information

Map, Directions, and Driving Distance & Time

The Tiny Paws Pad Boarding Kennels,
62 Malmesbury Park, Sandymoor, Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 1XD


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Bookings, Queries & Appointments

Debbie will be happy to discuss your queries about The Tiny Paws Pad Home Boarding including bookings, availability, and making an appointment to visit.

Visit our website:

phonePhone Debbie Ogden
on  07793 718 020

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