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Park Kennels
Andersey Farm, Grove Park Drive, Lockinge, Wantage,
Oxfordshire OX12 8SG

Contact: Jan Beaumont
Phone: 01235 772043

Park Kennels
Customer Testimonials

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11th May 2012
More Than A Kennel

More than a Kennel

Jan & Rob Beamont at Park Kennels Wantage run more than a kennel. Their dedication and professionalism in looking after the animals under their care goes way beyond anything we have ever experienced from other boarding kennels and we have had dogs for 35 years. We left our 3 dogs - 2 young Golden Retrievers and an aged 11 year old Great Dane ‘Lottie’ for quite an extended stay when we went to Thailand at the beginning of this year.  Our first time with Park Kennels, we chose them because of the quality of the kennels they have built - all indoor, heated, beautifully clean, open to view (rare) and with access to an outdoor run. But on top of this and importantly they provide each dog with 2 individual daily walks around the huge fields they have as part of their farm. This gives each animal access to the all important human interaction and attention as well as the exercise - a huge difference to just letting a group of dogs run together in an exercise area like most kennels.  We were impressed with this philosophy and the extra effort it required but were to be even more impressed by the huge care and attention given by Rob Jan and their staff when Lottie got ill. Unfortunately due to her age, Lottie had already developed an abscess on her thigh when we left her, but it had worsened considerably during her stay at Park Kennels and needed cleaning and dressing daily. Rob even took her twice to our own vet’s in Sonning Common (not exactly a small trip from Wantage) to make sure she was ok and that she was given the right antibiotics by the vet that knew her and her history. This goes well beyond the usual service you would expect and we got frequent updates on her progress. Lottie was provided with nursing care not just kennel care and Rob’s extensive experience and expertise with animals as a farmer really does make a difference since he is able to spot things early and get them dealt with appropriately. We feel so indebted and appreciative of the care and attention they gave to our dogs. Pets are part of our families and Park Kennels really get that and make it their business to ensure that special continuity of care in the welfare they provide for our pets. They have a new cat kennel now and if we had cats that’s definitely where we would want them to be when we are away from home. Needless to say, our dogs will be returning there next time we are away but meantime, Rob and Jan, many many thanks for everything. Anthony & Yai Wrigley

by Anthony Wrigley, Oxfordshire

4th Nov 2011
Relax..they Are In Safe Hands!

Relax..they are in safe hands!

Hello everybody..my name is Toby and I am a  Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel and I am nearly 5! I am completely loved and absolutely adored by my Mum & Dad…and everybody that meets me of course..!
One day when I was nearly 7 months old my Mum met a nice lady who recommended Park Kennels to her, they were looking for the best holiday place for me so decided to let me have a little stay…
My mummy was really upset to leave me and I know she spent a long time talking to the lovely lady called Jan who was going to look after me, and Jan made sure she knew all about me and my needs and it made my mummy smile again..
I was soooo excited..I could see some other dogs in their rooms and they looked so happy I couldn’t wait to get in and try my bed out..cos after all that is the most important thing for a snoozy dog like me..
When it was time to go, Jan took me from my car and my mummy was really brave and didn’t make a fuss..but I was so excited and wanted to explore that I  didn’t even say goodbye!! After a nice walk round the field I was taken to my room where I had a good sniff round and explored every corner and there was even a covered outside room to sit in the sun..and it wasn’t long before I dragged my blanket out there and stretched out for a well deserved nap! I had such a good time on my holiday..there were walks to go on and lots of sheep to look at, really yummy food to eat and so many cuddles to give..it was fabulous and I was worn out by night time…and I thought about my Mummy and just couldn’t wait to tell her about all the fun I was having !
When she came to pick me up I saw her and rushed out to give her a cuddle and a kiss and I was so excited I rushed back in…just to say goodbye to everyone and get a few more cuddles!! Jan said I was such a good boy and was welcome to stay when ever I wanted..yipppeee!!
Now whenever I go there for a holiday I get excited as soon as I see the Kennels and can’t wait to get out of the car..mummy has to tell me to calm down! and after a quick goodbye I head straight out for a walk and never even notice my Mummy leaving, she is a bit sad to leave me but doesn’t worry cos she knows that I am so well cared for and safe..and have plenty of cuddles!  Love Toby xxx

After my first experience with Jan & Rob Beaumont at Park Kennels, I knew I would never need to look elsewhere..and never have. Everything is of high quality from the food to the level of care. They have created the perfect place for our much loved little Toby and believe me I would not trust his care with just anybody. The whole place has an air of calm professionalism that gives you the confidence and reassurance that your pet’s stay will be a safe and happy one. 

by Bev Moth, Oxfordshire

30th Sep 2011


Our four Yorkshire Terriers have recently had a wonderful holiday at Park Kennels.  This is their third visit in two years. They come home happy and healthy.

The staff are extremly helpful and accommodating, friendly and professional.  Our Yorkies are sometimes nervous but the staff at Park Kennels cater for smaller, nervous dogs.

The kennels are very clean, light and bright.  There are always plenty of kennel staff about walking the dogs in the fields and the dogs are always very well looked after, receiving the best attention and loving care.

We highly recommend Park Kennels.

by LIN DELNEVO, Oxfordshire

30th Sep 2011


Rosie our 3 yr old Westie has been staying at the Park since she was about 6 months old and she loves it. She never tries to get back in the car when we get there, and she just loves the kennel girls, they get plenty of walks and attention.

by Bernadette Downes, Oxfordshire

15th Mar 2011
An Intelligent, Considered Approach To Stress Free, Canine Kennel Management

An Intelligent, Considered Approach to Stress Free, Canine Kennel Management

As I no longer considered my previous kennel adequate for my dogs needs, I embarked on a search for a kennel with quite a strict criteria. Facilites ( especially an ADEQUATE heating system, not just a heat lamp) , knowledgeable staff, I am also WARY of empty descriptive language such as the use of words like " luxury ", and lastly a website that is happy to show pictures of the inside of the kennel area.

Eventually I stumbled across Park Kennels, in Wantage. "Unique " is how it is described on the website, and I am in full agreement. The family have not overlooked anything in their quest to provide a desirable environment for our much loved family pets. This alone would not be much good without knowledge, which , it just so happens, is present in abundance. The owner has a BSc in Physiology and Zoology, as well as a First Aid Certificate for animal care. I was also impressed by the calm demeanour of the staff, and their quiet, competent handling skills.

Anyway. On arrival, I left the dogs in the car, whilst vaccination certificates were closely examined. The owner and lady who works in the kennel, then spent time asking sensible questions about the dogs, taking notes as we chatted. It was obvious to me that they had a wealth of experience of dealing with a variety of breeds, including mine, Weimaraners. The kennel area is fully visible from the reception, it was clean, and all inmates were quiet. One chap was at the door to his kennel wagging his tail. I then took my dogs from the car and passed them to a member of staff who took them on a walk, rather than straight to the kennel. Off they went, on their merry way into the field. Genius.

On my return, I arrived at a similar time to two other owners. Despite a queue forming, the staff took time to inform owners of their dogs behaviour. Both dogs who came out before mine were pleased to see their owners, but extremely happy, or so it appeared to me. Both of these people said to me that they were regular clients at this kennel. When it was my turn, I was given a rundown on each dog,their interpretation was commensurate with what I would expect, both dogs being very different characters.No weight lost or gained. bedding, although used, was clean.

Now for the biggest surprise. On arrival home from kennels, they usually sleep for the rest of the day. In one extreme case, the male's eyes closed the minute he got in the car, a couple of years prior. For the first time in 12 1/2 years, they came home, and pottered about, and although calm, they were not flat out. I attribute this to the effective heating system, and the stress free environment. This is a kennel where you get what you pay for.

by Emma Hawkes, Berkshire

27th Jan 2009


Hi I recently put my 5 month old mini poodle in Park Kennels and she had a fab time. We had to collect her early as we had been burgled and as we arrived she was being taken for a walk with one of the kennel staff and seemed very much at home.
These kennels are in another league to others we have visited one kennel didn't take dogs out for walks explaining that dogs get enough exercise by pacing up and down their kennels all day!
I will definitely bring my dog back to these kennels.

by Bea Foster, Berkshire