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Hurworth Burn Luxury Pet Hotel
Hurworth Burn Farm, Wingate,
Durham TS28 5NP

Contact: Maureen Wombwell
Phone: 01429 838336

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12th May 2015

We Cater For All Size Dogs

Tis ones really having fun here - Maureen

12th May 2015

Collie At Play

All our guest dogs love to play with toys and this ones a beauty - Maureen

12th May 2015

Our Favourite Guest

This little dog is one of our treasured guests and so friendly - Maureen

11th Feb 2014


Sumo watching the birdies...

25th Nov 2012

Rob And Sly From Russia

we are so pround that rob and slys owner done there homework on finding the right place for there dogs to stay for 6 months before they are allowed to emigrate to austrailia, they are big dogs with big personalitys and need experienced handlers which we are proud to say we have years of experience behind us with all sorts of breeds but have a great fondness and knowledge of mastiffs they have now been here 1 monthnow and have settled in to there new home great lots more pictures on my kennel facebook page

1st Feb 2012


mitzi has just recently boarded with us in our luxury rooms laura had viewed other kennels nearer to where she lives in barnard castle but was disgusted with what she saw she was discussing it with a friend when our kennels were mentioned, she rang and asked if she could view our kennels which was a great feeling for me knowing she was making the journey from barnard castle mitzi was booked in while she was still here  viewing our rooms, mitzi was on the nervous side when shje first came in but she is that temprement in any new situation mitzi needed lots of one to one with the same person(me) to build her confidence which grew by the minute she is such a funny dog when she comes out her shell i text laura her owner on numerous occasion to give her updates on her progress and to put her mind at rest so she could enjoy her holiday mitzi became very attached to me while she was in my care and made me laugh daily with her funny little ways and the funny noises she made when i spoke to her she liked a good chat back with me mitzi has now been booked straight back in for june and look forward to her return hopefully she will come in much more confident this time which im sure she will. mitzi's  owner has left a review on my own  website for other customers to view why not take a look

1st Feb 2012


blue is a lovely  bedlington terrier whos owners were recommended to visit hurworth burn' blue  now boards with us many times throughout the year he loves nothing more than to jump on your knee and get lots of kisses and cuddles but also loves to curl up in his little bed'  

1st Feb 2012

Sid Paddy And Tess

sid paddy and tess first visited our luxury kennels in september 2011, they were very concerned about leaving there little dogs, after visiting numerous boarding kennels they found our details by the time they viewed our kennels there owner was very upset with what she had seen in other kennels and was about to cancel ther holiday but once they had viewed our kennels and had a good  long chat with me i was able to reassure them that there dgs were in safe hands and would be well looked after  we have received a lovely thank you card from owners and dogs and a lovely christmas card and they are now booked in to stay with us again in september 2012 

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