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Good Companions
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31st Mar 2013


This was Black Beauty's first time with us.  She took a day to get use to us and her surroundings.  She was not too sure about being around the other residents but soon figured out that she was safe and she wanted to play.  We loved her slinky moves whereby she would lie on her side have belly rubs or a brush and than just slink across the carpet to get to you for more patting.  You had to watch where you were walking because she was always at your feet.  Her favourite games were the crinkle tunnel, feather wand and the laser beam.  She even earned her allowance by helping out in the kitchen with washing up duties.  For her efforts she got a few temptation treats.  She really liked it when she had the cattery to herself for a few days as she was allowed to be out and about all day and night.  She soon found the rocking chair and that is where she preferred to snooze especially late afternoon when the sun streamed through the window and bathed her in sun rays.  Welcome anytime.

20th Mar 2013


What a cutie pie!  Tiny, affectionate, playful and quick.  We had so much fun with him.  He would play all day long if given the opportunity.  He looked ever so smart in his very comfy coat when out and about and he may have been a wee mite but he could hurdle over the largest of snow banks.  Fantastic little eater as long as you played again after the bowl was empty.  Mum and Dad were worried but he excelled which we were so pleased about.

26th Feb 2013


Ella came to us for the first time and spent the weekend with us.  Ella settled into her suite quickly and gave us no problems at all.  She ate her food as soon as it hit her room!  Now a bit strong on the lead and with icy patches around were very worried we would all fall down but she skirted the patches and preferred bouncing like a spring lamb through and over tall snow banks.  Welcome to come and play with us again.

21st Jan 2013


Tae is a little shy with strangers until he gets to know you than he turns into a love bug and cheeky mite.  He really took to John but still would never go to far away from Abby his security blanket.  He would peck and peck at Abby to get her to play and when that did not work he would come and nibble on your hand to get you to play with him.  He loved his cot and was quite happy to curl up and take a nap after his walks.  He also liked to play with the tennis ball in the exercise area but made you work to play as he would drop the ball short of where you wanted it!

21st Jan 2013


Abby is nearly 13 yrs young and lives with Tae who is only 4 yrs old.  Now Abby prefers a quiter life and no frills with one exception.  Abby preferred to camp out on a large fluffy warm fleece with a blanket on the floor than sprawl off on the cot in her suite.  The only time she would go on the cot was when it was time to have her daily brush.  Abby can still move very well and has a mind of her own when out and about.  She never took the easy route but would go up and over snow banks and we swear she was trying her best to get us trouble ensuring she always walked where there were icy patches.  It was like  " lets avoid the safe clear ground".  An adventurous girl indeed.  Gave kisses and liked to bury her head in your hands for ear rubs.

4th Jan 2013


Babe is charming and knows how to use her girly ways to get what she wants!  Babe settled in quite well and was a very good eater.  She did not like the very cold temps so was out to do her business and than Pick Me Up now act and than let me down once back in the kitchen to thaw out.  Once that was done it was Pick Me Up act again which was hard to resist but worth it as she snuggled into you and smothered you with kisses and chattered in your ear. 

31st Dec 2012


Keesha was a delighful older dog to spend time with and care for.  She figured out the daily routine quite quickly and decided she would not sleep all day but would be up to everything that was on offer.  It unfortunately was very cold and snowy when she was in with us but Mum & Dad provided us with a lovely sweater for her which we put on before briefly spending time out and about.  Keesha is definitely a "FOODIE!"  She would have licked the metal off of the bowls if she could have.  Oh treats she knew exactly where they were in her basket and knew exactly when she was due some.  Liked to be cuddled and would give you licks.  Did not like her eyes to be wiped very much and she turned it into a game of watch how fast I can turn my head.  With only 2 or 3 teeth we knew we were safe!

18th Dec 2012


Saxon got his Christmas wish!  Saxon has been rescued by a wonderful family from the Saint John Rescue League.  Saxon had been there for a month and after meeting him we could not understand why as he is fantastic.  Saxon will be joining a family of three other Labs who spend time with us throughout the year.  He has had his meet and greet sessions with the 3 ladies and they get on great.  He has been practicing his serenading capabilities whilst with is with his squeaky toys so when he leaves end of this week to his new home he will sure to be in fine form.  Just such a wonderful older Lab with loads of puppy spirit still with him.  Look forward to the entire quartet coming back and spending time with us in early January.

31st Dec 2012


Charlie was alot of fun.  He was good in his suite and he loved to be wound up.  Mind you if you really got him playing you had to watch out becuse he would hunt you down and grab onto you!  Ate all of his food and loved his long ears to be stroked.  He was good for his daily soft brush and wiping his eyes.  Once out it was always Charlies way!  Stubborn to say the least.  He could stretch a walk by a mile and if he picked up deer tracks hold on you were along for the ride.  A really nice doggie and look forward to sometime in the future caring for him again.

31st Dec 2012


Tali was a sweet girl and if she had been fit and able to really let her hair down we would have had even more fun.  Unfortunately a leg injury meant limited exercise.  We were always on the watch for deer sightings when out as her Mum had warned us that deer was like quote "crack to a heroin addict!" She did have her bubba toy in her suite which after eating she would go and get and throw up in the air signalling play with me.  Watch out though because when she ragged on that toy it was with hurricane force she would have done you an injury if she had whacked you with it.  Hope she recovers soon.



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