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Boarding Kennel Fees.
What Should I Expect to Pay?

I want the
BEST kennels

As a caring dog owner, you'll want to search for the right kennels for your dog's needs

No smell

Expensive to build, hygienic, easy to maintain, dogs have plenty of exercise & one-to-one attention from caring staff:

= slightly higher fees

I want the nearest
or cheapest

Travel times and costs come into the equation... but there are alternatives to this !!!

Strong smell

Cheaply built, run down and badly maintained. Not fit for purpose. Lots of dogs in cramped conditions
(noise and stress):

= cheap fees

What's the difference between them?
Answer: The price of a cappuccino!

What Fees Should I Expect to Pay for Extremely Good Kennels?

You should expect to pay these daily fees for extremely good or true, high-end luxury boarding kennels:

Country Daily Boarding Kennels fees for the best:
(highest standards, lower kennel numbers, more personal attention and care) boarding kennels or luxury dog hotels
Boarding Kennels UK UK: £15 - £50 daily
Boarding Kennels in USA USA: $30 - $100 daily
Boarding Kennels Canada Canada: $30 - $100 daily


You usually get what you pay for!

These photos show you why...

Poor, badly designed, unheated/unventilated and unhygienic kennels will always be cheaper.

They will so busy with high numbers of dogs and cleaning lots of kennels that they simply cannot walk or play with the dogs - causing them even more stress as they cannot get away even for a short time.

With poor care, cheap fees & large numbers of dogs you also get:
dog anxiety, depression, stress & illness.

And very probably vet bills & worry.


I want the BEST kennels:

Sunny day (daylight floods in through the roof, glass kennel doors and through the runs as well as doors at both ends).
No artificial lighting required.
Delightful all year round!

Well designed, built, heated, ventilated & insulated means it's:
cool in summer
warm in winter

I want the nearest
or cheapest kennels:

Sunny day (only one window)
It is so dark that electric lights are needed even on the sunniest day and the camera flash is required.
Imagine this in winter!

Unhygienic, no heating/ventilation or insulation means it's
baking in summer
freezing in winter

(frozen water bowls, damp walls, cold beds, everything dripping with condensation)

And what is the difference in fees between these kennels?
Answer: The price of a cappuccino!

As a caring dog owner you'll want to do a tailor-made search for the right kennels for your dog's needs.

Don't just pick the cheapest or nearest ... it WILL come at the cost of your dog's health and welfare at the very least.

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