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Boarding Kennels London

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A random selection of kennels with photos in other counties:
Rosedale Boarding Kennels in Kent

Rosedale Boarding Kennels in Kent, UK

The Grove Luxury Dog Boarding in Staffordshire

The Grove Luxury Dog Boarding in Staffordshire, UK

Fairview Boarding Kennels in North Yorkshire

Fairview Boarding Kennels in North Yorkshire, UK

Kennels with photos provide regularly updated and full descriptions of their accommodation, care and services for dogs, as well as guest galleries, videos, social media and their latest news and customer testimonials.

Big, clear photos prove the standard they offer. This is important because the more information you have, the easier it is to choose the best kennels for your dog's needs and welfare.

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Rosedale Boarding Kennels Boarding Kennels in Canterbury Kent

Boarding Kennels
20 Kennels    13 Testimonials

Boarding Kennels in:

Rosedale Boarding Kennels
Rusham Road, Shatterling, Wingham
Kent CT3 1JL
Phone: Therese & Brian Booth on 01227 722847

Dogs are taken out of boarding kennels (essential for health, wellbeing, stress reduction, play, exercise & mental stimulation) Dogs get exercised by staff Less than 20 kennels per building Less than 10 kennels per building section Feeds same diet as home Comfort items from home
DAP Therapy (to calm, reassure & help settle)    
34159 views in 2020
11232 views in 2019
10062 views in 2018
8713 views in 2017
6917 views in 2016
6388 views in 2015

Other Boarding Kennels in London (no photos)

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3373 views in 2020
1384 views in 2019
922 views in 2018
534 views in 2017
512 views in 2016
604 views in 2015
  Boarding Kennels in Battersea
Urban Kennels
3 Cranleigh Mews, Battersea, London SW11 2QL
020 7228 4428

2128 views in 2020
644 views in 2019
1289 views in 2018
1520 views in 2017
1515 views in 2016
1992 views in 2015
  Boarding Kennels in Enfield
Capel Manor Kennels And Cattery
Whitewebbs Lane, Enfield, London EN2 9HN
01992 717 135

1872 views in 2020
3102 views in 2019
5626 views in 2018
7312 views in 2017
4522 views in 2016
4437 views in 2015
  Boarding Kennels in Enfield
Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel
8 Cooks Hole Road, Enfield, London EN2 0UD
0208 367 4625

1753 views in 2020
292 views in 2019
445 views in 2018
503 views in 2017
487 views in 2016
444 views in 2015
  Boarding Kennels in Feltham
Silverdale Boarding Kennels Ltd
Bedfont Road, Feltham, London TW14 8EE
020 8890 1784

1242 views in 2020
388 views in 2019
667 views in 2018
434 views in 2017
284 views in 2016
304 views in 2015
  Boarding Kennels in WEST DRAYTON
01895 420888

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