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Plymouth, Devon PL8 2DL

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Welcome to Gentian Hill
Gentian Hill, Hareston Road, Brixton, Plymouth, Devon PL8 2DL

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About Us

Boarding Kennels Location


Because we have just 18 Kennels & provide plenty of individual time for each dog in a peaceful rural setting, our kennels are ideal for dogs requiring a more caring service with individual attention and most importantly -  we are friendly, caring and welcoming.

We offer caring, individual attention in a peaceful and beautiful rural setting.

We welcome assessment visits by owners - and encourage this as it settles the dogs in more quickly to 'have friends' they know here already.

We highly recommend a 'trial' afternoon here so that your dog can get to know us, their new surroundings & become familiar with being here before staying for a longer time.

We are fully committed to providing the best possible care for any pet boarding with us.

We are located on the Devon/Cornwall border just outside of Plymouth.

Opening Hours & Visiting

Boarding Kennels Building

anytime - please phone us for an appointment

(our answerphone will pick up when we are out walking the dogs)

Staff & Knowledge

We have 5 full-time staff working in our kennels.

Our staff ratio is:      1 Staff : 4 Kennels

Boarding Kennels Staff/Owners

Gentian Hill Boarding Kennels in Devon

About our staff, knowledge and experience:

I have worked (and played!) with dogs all my life and absolutely adore them. I have 5 dogs of my own, all ages & varying breeds and love to take care of our boarders.

We have deliberately included an enormous play area and we are lucky enough to have acres of countryside around us to walk dogs according to their needs or your requests, and the weather of course!

We also have dog grooming available from Dionne, our fully qualified groomer, on request.

Our Kennels

We have 18 Kennels with Attached runs: Covered runs:

They were built in 2004 and are licensed for anything up to 36 dogs (maximum).

Less than 20 kennels per building
We're proudto say we have a maximum of 18 kennels in any one building
(The ideal is a maximum of 20 kennels in a building, as the less dogs, the calmer & quieter it is)

Boarding Kennels Sleep Accommodation

Boarding Kennels Exercise Run

About our Kennels

Dog Exercise & Play:

Dogs get out of their Kennels for exercise:

Dogs are taken out of KennelsWe're proud to say dogs DO get out of their kennels here.
We know how important it is (mentally and physically) for dogs to play, sniff, run around and stretch their legs.
In other words, for dogs to be dogs!

About dog exercise with our Boarding Kennels:

Exercise & Play in Boarding Kennels We like to walk or exercise our boarders 3 times a day, and we also let them play off the lead in our secure play areas.

Dog Walks/Exercise/Playtime with Staff:

Dogs exercised by staff:

60 minutes of walks/exercise with staff provided daily

Less than 20 kennels per buildingWe're proud to say we offer walks/ exercise/ playtime WITH staff.
We know how important it is for dogs to have our company one-to-one.
It's much more fun!

About dog walks/playtime with staff

Dog Walks at the Boarding Kennels

Dog Care

Welfare & Settling In

Comfort items from home allowed:

DAP Therapy used: DAP Therapy (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) used in Kennels

Comfort items We're proud to say we DO allow & encourage comfort items for dogs. We understand how important it is to help your dog relax and feel settled quickly, more at home with us. This is such an easy way to comfort your dog. After all, we all love our home comforts don't we?!

Our policy on comfort items:

Dog Welfare in Boarding Kennels

We encourage you to bring favourite items for your dog to help settle them in as quickly as possible.

This can be anything from their own bedding & toys and an item from you to comfort them, plus of course your own food from home if you would like


Will you feed the same diet as at home:


Will you feed special/prescription diets:

Will feed natural/organic diets:

Caring for Dogs

Care of Easy-going & Steady Dogs

We give lots of attention and introduce dogs slowly to our kennels & surroundings.

We provide just the right level of play, attention & exercise to help your dog stay calm & happy - and interested in watching what is going on.

Dogs love to have a routine, so we provide this, with extra interest such as walk as much, and play as much as possible.

We provide fold-down benches to let the dogs sleep or play in different places & levels. Baskets & comfy continental quilts are available to every dog staying with us

Because we have just 12 Kennels, the dogs can see/hear us all the time and have continual company - just the way we like it!

Care of Active Dogs

Plenty of exercise, 3 walks a day and play are available for active dogs.

Off the lead exercise is available in a fully enclosed, secure and ENORMOUS 22 x 42 metre sand play area. I play with the dogs using any favourite toys such as frisbees, balls & ropes

Care of Daycare/creche Dogs

Yes, we provide a caring daycare creche for dogs

Dogs with Special Needs

Separate, quiet section available:

About our care of special needs dogs:

Dog Welfare in Boarding Kennels We give lots of attention and introduce dogs slowly to our kennels & surroundings. We provide just the right level of play, attention & exercise to help your dog stay calm & happy - and interested in watching what is going on.

Because we have just 12 Kennels, the dogs can see/hear us all the time and have continual company - just the way we like it!

Centrally heated throughout. Special attention is given to heating depending on your dog's needs.

The kennels are warm and dry and dogs can access their outside run whenever they want to during the day.

It is important to us to spend quality time on a one-to-one basis with your dog.

Age considerations:


Senior Dogs

Elderly Dogs

We care for dogs with:

Allergies/ Allergenic

  Digestive Problems

Arthritis/ Arthritic



  Heart Disease

Convulsions/ Seizures/ Epilepsy

  Kidney Disease


  Nervous/ Sensitive/ Separation anxiety


  Skin Problems


We have dog grooming available from a qualified groomer on request
Services for Dogs: Other Services:
Collect and return service Collect & Return, or Dog Chauffeur Service Pet Supplies
Professional grooming service Grooming Service (professional option, full bath & cut) Cattery (Cat Boarding)
Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy Small Animals Boarding
Webcam service Webcam Service Stables
Webcam service Send updates while you're away  

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Latest News

23rd Nov 2008

Award-Winning Kennels says

We have won the prestigious crown award from for dog boarding excellence!

3 Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Some of the things our customers love us for...

4th Dec 2012
Excellent Care For My Dogs Means Peace Of Mind For Me.
by Sharon Collins, devon

Excellent Care For My Dogs Means Peace Of Mind For Me.

I would highly recommend Gentian Hill Boarding kennels. I looked at many kennels in my area and can honestly say this one is the best. My dogs are treated kindly by Jane and her staff.My dogs are always happy and confident when I take them and pick them up. The kennels are clean and warm and they have their own indoor and outdoor space. It is good to have the peace of mind that while I am away my dogs are happy and well cared for.

6th Feb 2011
Happy Borders
by Maggie Springett, Devon

Happy Borders

I have used Gentian kennels for several years. My two border collies, Scampi and Chips have always been taken great care of, they pull me into the office when I arrive and they look happy and relaxed when I collect them. One is a very nervous dog and the other has arthritis, both are treated with kindness and affection. I also use the dog grooming facility, Amy does a great professional job grooming them and they always smell lovely when I collect them. They share a large pen and it is clean because they are allowed to use a large grass play area regularly for toilets and exercise. I would recommend Gentian highly.

20th Dec 2010
Best Kennel
by Neal Johnson, Devon

Best Kennel

My dog has stayed at various locations over the years and now approaching 16yrs, this is the best he has ever come home from. He has been there twice now and has always been relaxed on collection.


Fees are per dog, per day (includes any tax)

Boarding Kennels Fees

16.00 for a Small Dog

18.00 for a Medium Dog

20.00 for a Large Dog

22.00 for a Giant Dog

Further Information

We now also have larger kennels available for those who want that little bit more room, or who have larger dogs or dog families. Due to the demand for our kennels, for confirmed bookings a 50% deposit is required which is non-refundable, to secure your place.

Map, Directions, and Driving Distance & Time

Gentian Hill Boarding Kennels,
Gentian Hill, Hareston Road, Brixton, Plymouth, Devon PL8 2DL

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Jane will be happy to discuss your queries about Gentian Hill Boarding Kennels including bookings, availability, and making an appointment to visit.

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