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Quiet Acres Boarding Kennels
Clay Lane, Braiseworth, Stoke Ash, Eye,
Suffolk IP23 7DZ

Contact: Tracey Bartlett
Phone: 01379 678 374

Quiet Acres Boarding Kennels
Customer Testimonials

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30th Sep 2013
Quiet Acres - Excellent Kennels

Quiet Acres - Excellent Kennels

Thanks to Quiet Acres Boarding Kennels for the care and attention given to our Spaniel Bailey. We have boarded him with them 3 times now, the latest being the longest stay of 16 nights. He is a very home loving dog who can get stressed when away from us, however when we have collected him he has clearly had a good time, been well cared for  and is as chilled out as any Spaniel is likely to be. While it is easy to see that the facilities at Quite Acres are great just by visiting, it is only when you see how well you dog has been looked after and speak to the team about your dog that you know that they clearly get to know your dog and do the best for them. We booked the optional prime time for Bailey but did not specify what we wanted them to use it for, but after we were told he does like to have a play and get a cuddle, which is exactly what he's like at home. They clearly know their dogs....many Thanks      

by Derek Cripps, Norfolk

13th Jul 2010
Excellent Kennels

Excellent kennels

I booked my Airedale Terrier Angus into Quiet Acres after finding them on the internet and being impressed by their positive reviews. The location is very quiet and tranquil, there were no dogs barking, it was a very relaxed atmosphere. I was very impressed with the booking in procedure, they checked Angus' vaccination certificates and made a note of his vet's details, they also asked about what food he likes, his general likes and dislikes etc and I felt that they had all the information they needed about him, and also all the information they needed in the unlikely event of a problem. The lady in charge then calmly came and met Angus and took him off to his kennel without any fuss and he seemed very happy to go! He was naturally very pleased to see us when we came to pick him up, but he was totally his usual bouncy self and did not seem upset or distressed in any way. Quiet Acres also give you the option of booking a 'primetime' for your pet, which is an extra 15 minutes of individual attention during which they will give them an extra walk, or play, or just fuss and cuddles, which I thought was an excellent idea, and the charge for this was a very reasonable £2 + VAT. I would thoroughly recommend Quiet Acres, they are a very caring and professional kennels and Angus seems to have thoroughly enjoyed his stay! I was staying in the area for my brother's wedding and was really able to relax and enjoy the occasion as I knew Angus was in very good hands.

by Odette Stevens, Unknown

30th Nov 2009
Re Quiet Acres

Re Quiet Acres

We have used QA several times in the last two+ years and cannot fault them. Importantly, our collie's tail starts to wag when he arrives and he happily goes off with Paula, Tracey or Kim. (He's still delighted to see us when we collect, but we can feel sure he will have enjoyed his stay!)

by Bryan Hilton, Suffolk

25th Aug 2009
Simply The Best

Simply the best

My dog Eddie goes into 'Quiet Acres' once a week as a day boarder and he absolutely loves it. He isn't the easiest dog with strangers but the owners all have a genuine affection for him and he responds by pulling me in there every time. When I collect him he is always happy and never has any 'kennel' smells about him, the whole property is spotless.

I feel very confident leaving Eddie for longer periods of time and I know that he will be safe and well cared for, by very nice people who take time to get to know your dog and their little ways.

Unlike many kennels, you rarely hear barking and stressed dogs, which I think says it all. The place is well named!

I would unreseveredly recommend Quiet Acres to anyone who just wants the best for their pet.

by Laura Foggo, Suffolk

25th Aug 2009
Rocky Loves It A Quiet Acres!

Rocky loves it a Quiet Acres!

Leaving our boy Rocky was a real stress to us while we were planning our holiday away. We had previously had house sitters which had left Rocky in an anxious state upon our return and we really wanted to enjoy our trip of a lifetime to Florida knowing our beloved boy was happy and well looked after!!!

Quiet Acres were recommened to us by two neighbours and after a visit to the kennels we realised this was the place for Rocky! All the dogs had waggy tails and were in good spirits, none were showing signs of distress, so we were confident Rocky would settle in well !

We were very impressed with the way they greated Rocky, no over the topness, it was very obvious they understood the importance of how dogs read our behaviour and we new straight away Rocky would not be at all anxious and would know his place in the pack, something we believe in strongly. But that aside we could also see a genuine affection for our beloved four legged friends, and knew Rocky would get plenty of cuddles and fuss too!!

We have used Quiet Acres several times since, for one off events such as a wedding or weekends away, and Rocky always pulls to great the owners and seems to really enjoy staying there! We tell him he is going to Doggie Camp and he loves it, I am sure sometimes he would like to stay longer!

I would strongly recommened Quiet Acres to anyone, your dog will be well looked after and treated as they should be, with routine, good pack leadership and lots of affection!

by Vicki Duncan, Suffolk

30th Jul 2009
Energetic Dogs

Energetic Dogs

I have four very energetic dogs who need plenty of exercise or can become distructive and stressed. I am glad to have found Quiet Acres (having a bad kennel experiance in the past) who cater very well for this. They have a large grassed area and several off lead areas where they can have ball games.(which they tell me my dogs love very much) I would definatly use again and would recommend them to other people.

by Dave Joyce, Unknown

23rd Jan 2009
First Long Stay

First long stay

Thank you to Quiet Acres for making my 1 year old flat-coat feel at home on his first long stay (2 weeks) in a kennels in July 2008. I took full advantage of the extra primetime factilty so he would have lots of attention. He came home as happy and as settled as he went. I visited 5 nearer kennels and was always greated by a kennel girl and dogs barking madly. At Quiet Acres the dogs were calm on my arrival and all keen to say hello and I was met promtly by one of the owners for a good look round. Peanut will be staying again this year.

by Elizabeth Cochrane, Suffolk