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24th Jun 2009

Our Smart New Kennels Upgrade

In January 2009 our smart new kennels upgrade was completed!

Each kennel in our 18 kennel building was completely refurbished, with modern heating panels, a cheerfully sky blue and white finish, and also glass doors to let in lots of light, a view and provide more calming, secluded feel. The dogs immediately responded to the improvements!

You can see photos on our kennels page/tab, including the lovely, bright and fun characters we all know and love to decorate the corridor, including Muttley, as shown here!

21st Nov 2008

Our Cattery Is In Cambridge Style Magazine

In September 2008 Cambridge Style Magazine will be featuring our boarding cattery www.westlodgecattery.co.uk.

20,000 copies are now distributed throughout Cambridge to major retailers including Marks and Spencer, Debenhams and Waitrose, as well as specialist outlets such as health clubs, beauty salons and boutiques, available free of charge every month.

Cambridge Style is a glossy lifestyle magazine, bursting with the latest fashion and beauty advice. Its attractive, glamorous looks and aspirational content make it a magazine all young women want to read. It also features elegant homes and interiors, music and events, food, beautiful travel destinations and interviews with local personalities based on the city.

Exclusive celebrity interviews are common and each month they have special features which may include families, weddings, outdoor living, days out and food and drink. In March 2007, Style celebrated its 5th birthday as the leading lifestyle magazine in the Cambridge area.

24th Nov 2008

Our New Dog Hotel Design Decided

In August 2008 we agreed the design for our new dog hotel which will be manufactured and built by highly respected Pedigree Pens who have been accredited with the British Standards Certification ISO.

We were already familiar with the high standard of their animal accommodation because they have just built our brand new cat hotel & boarding cattery in Cambridge:

We are thrilled with the design, which will incorporate 5 large, light and bright dog apartments overlooking our beautiful gardens.

You can find out the latest progress on our future dog hotel at  www.westlodgekennels.co.uk/kennelsvic.php

21st Nov 2008

Our New Kennels Website is Launched

In August 2008 we were delighted to launch our brand new boarding kennels website ~ and it's absolutely packed with photos of our kennels and guests!

Our website was designed by Kay Key who not only created and owns BoardingKennels.org, but also publishes the 'bible' on kennel design (see below).

Having worked with Kay & David for over 2 years on our vision for the future of our boarding kennels ~ she was "thrilled to be able to show Westlodge Kennels and Cattery's full potential to caring pet owners"

Kay also advised that our new dog hotel will be immediately awarded their prestigious Crown Award from BoardingKennels.org!

21st Nov 2008

We're in The Kennel Design 'Bible'

In June 2008 we were featured in the book Kennel Design which is the 'bible' for inspiration for those thinking of starting a kennels or cattery, and is available from every Amazon and online bookstore and bookshop anywhere in the world.

Read article... www.westlodgekennels.co.uk/PDFs/KennelDesignBook.pdf

This book is sponsored by Dogs Trust, and is written to help future kennel and cattery owners build the best standard of accommodation, and learn about animal welfare. The author's books are used in animal welfare and kennel and cattery management courses in colleges and universities around the world.

We were chosen for the book because of our deep commitment to improving our kennels and cattery standards, our stunning location including our beautiful mature landscaped gardens, and to be an inspiration to other existing kennels and cattery operations who are looking to reach higher standards of accommodation and care.

We encourage everyone thinking about starting up, or improving their kennels or cattery to visit Cattery Design www.catterydesign.com ~ or ~ Kennel Design www.kenneldesign.com.

21st Nov 2008

Specialist Kennel Bookings

In 2006, when we became the proud new owners of Westlodge Kennels and Cattery in Cambridge, we inherited a paper-based system of cards.

We wanted to ensure we provided a special service where every dog and cat's needs were known, and catered for. So we introduced our bookings software system made by PetAdmin to be able to note every pet's details in full ~ detailing everything we would need to know to care for them during their stay with us.

We are delighted with our bookings software, and it has enabled us to provide a much more personal service, and one that is much more efficient. We can track everything, we can hold a waiting list, so that those customers who would like to book in a year in advance, or a few days in advance can do so easily.

Our deepest thanks to PetAdmin for providing a bookings system that allows us to take extra-special care of our Clients.

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