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28th Jan 2013

Lovely new grooming room coplete with posh bath!

We have beem very busy with builders lately. I managed to get a loan from the bank & have had a new DOG KITCHEN & GROOMING ROOM  built. this means the spare bedroom can go back to not having dog hair everywhere & the plughole in bath not  clogged up.I can also get my original kitchen back & have a spare room downstairs to make into a study /Tv room.

28th Jan 2013

Bailey Last Day Before Australia

We have been looking after one of our regular customers since just before Christmas. 

The Quarantine regulations changed just before his owners emigrated to Australia &  so Alison  asked us to look after Bailey &,make sure all his Blood Tests,Rabies Vaccinations, & all the other tests he would need, would be completed on time & correctly.,

This will ensure he would be able to enter & have the minimum stay in quarantine when he arrived.

It was a big responsibility but everything went smoothly & we saw Bailey off in his crate & emailed his owner to say he had set off.

She has told us he has arrived & has settled in his new kennels & is eating & all the staff are meking a big fuss of him .

I'm missing him already.

January 27 2013

We had some really sad news Just before Christmas Bailey was seriously ill & although the vets did everything they could he dad to be put to sleep to prevent further suffering

7th Mar 2012


We have decided to open our doors earlier in a morning & stay open later in the evening for people who may need to leave their dogs with us whilst  they go to work.The local paper (the Selby Times) is running a feature for DAY CARE as apposed to Boarding I do'nt know if it will take off but will keep people up to date .

7th Mar 2012

Ben Has Gone Home!

Ben-The retriever who enjoyed weecking the covers on his bed, has gone back to his owner Sue after being with us for 6 months.

 We took him home yesterrday & both dog & owner were delighted to be reunited.

Sue has been staying in Plymouth for 6 months & was unable to find rented accomadation that would let her have Ben so she asked us to look after him long term,however things did'nt work out as expected & Sue has now returned to Leeds & is now back with Ben -

Another Happy Ending.

16th Jan 2012

Snowy Now Has A Lovely New Home.

Last month i had a phone call from Social sevices asking me to collect a dog for a gentleman who had been taken into hospital. I duly went to the address given & found a little Poodle/Bichon Frise hiding behind a settee. We have had  him in for 37 days & he settled in well,last week i heard from Snowys' owner asking me to rehome him as he did'nt feel able to look after him any more.

I contacted Dogs Trust & asked a couple of friends to let me know if they knew of anyone who may be able to give him a good home.

ILater in the day I recieved a phone call from a lady who had recently lost her small Llaso Apso who was 13 years old. She had had him since he was 6 weeks old & mow felt the house was empty withouut a dog. she did'n't want to look for a dog as she felt one would find her.I told her about Snowy & took him over to meet the family. They were totally besotted with him & judging by the photos he seems to have found the ideal home.

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