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The Grove Luxury Dog Boarding
The Grove, Whittington Hurst, Lichfield,
Staffordshire WS13 8QN

Contact: Lindsay & Rob Mallaber
Phone: 01543 433114

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16th Oct 2010


Here is Bella, (Glen's sister). On her walks she was always looking for a rabbit or something else to chase.

16th Oct 2010


Here we have Glen he did love his walks, but we just had to make sure he was wrapped up nice and warmly.

28th Sep 2010


Charlie only stayed with us over night but he is coming back over christmas, we think he will really look forward to it.

28th Sep 2010


Here is Archie, he was a little timid to start with but as soon as his mum had gone he realised that he could have just as much fun with us looking after him.

28th Sep 2010

Lucy And Tilly

Lucy and Tilly only stayed with us a couple of nights, but settled in right away, they just loved to sniff about on the paddock and play with one another.

28th Sep 2010


This is Billie, Buster's sister, she wasn't quite so energetic as Buster, but she did really enjoy her cuddle time with us.

28th Sep 2010


Here is Buster, he was a great little man, he wouldn't go anywhere without his ball.

21st Sep 2010


Here is the Beautiful Ruby, she had a great time on a woodland walk.

20th Sep 2010


Here's Humphry, or as we called him "Mr Bogart". He's a loving boy, it was his first time with us, but i'm sure he won't let it be his last!

20th Sep 2010


Here's Wilson, he is a very proud young man. You can tell he like's the finer thing's in life!



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